About me


Hello! I‘m Isi-Daddy, but just call me Isi!

I‘m a certified computer scientist, specialised in media, with a huge passion for creating art.
It used to be my hobby only, with drawing lots of fanarts for movies and series I loved. But about four years ago, when I started to create my first own characters, the first spark of something original begun to gleam. While building up a whole new world and plotting their stories, my passion caught fire and I spent every minute of my free time for drawing. I started asking myself „Why not just turning your hobby into a profession?“
With that in mind, it is actually funny that I started drawing very late in my childhood, at least that‘s what my mother told me. She was actually afraid I‘d never start drawing. My sister then dragged me into the abyss of anime and manga, which was the beginning of my new found hobby.
Inspiring artworks, anatomy exercises and colour practises taught me how to draw and made me find my style. Together with my rather small setup, a netbook and small tablet, I‘m ready to draw wherever I go!



Commissions me

Interested in getting an illustration of yourself, your pet or your character drawn and created just for you?
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